We provide coaching and consultancy to improve your hardware & software development processes.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • DevOps development and consulting
  • Software development
  • Atlassian plugin development
  • Hardware prototyping and developing

Recent technologies and programming languages we have used:

  • Atlassian products
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes
  • TinkerPop, JanusGraph
  • Go, TinyGo
  • Python
  • Java, Kotlin, Groovy
  • C++, C, C#


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Use your SAML IdP Server to login into your application. We provide a similar plugin for all the other atlassian products. For more information how SAML works: Wikipedia

We are using your corporate SAML IdP Server to authenticate the user. If the user already is authenticated with your SAML IdP Server, you will automatically be redirected back to this application, and you will be logged in. Otherwise the SAML IdP Server will do the authentication with you, and redirect you back and log you in automatically.

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